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Who is able to make the descent ?
The river does not present any difficulty. You just have to be older than 7 years and know how to swim.

canoe ardecheWhen can you make the descent ?
When the water level is ahigh enough, normally from April till October.

What to bring ?
If you leave for 1 day, you just have to bring a swimming suit, shoes, pique nique, drinks and solar cream.
For the 2 days trip, you may need a sleeping bag and a tent as well as a sweat for cooler periods.

Where can you camp for the 2 day descent ?
It is forbidden to camp outside of the designated Bivouac areas, Gaud and Gournier.
At these two camp sites there is a fixed charge of 5,5 € per person (or 7 € in regulated period).
The two sites are equiped with B,B,Q,N.

canoe kayak ardecheWhat are the types of boat ?
Two people canoe is the best boat for the river.
Single kayak is generally for those who have already basic abilities.
We can add a third seat in a canoe for a 7 to 12 years old child, please ask for it when booking.
Our boats are all made of the modern requirement
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